Doc and I have started a new web, short video series.  He is filming and editing and I am hosting and producing with him.  We just want to take parts of Beijing life that people might not often see and dig in.  Here is the first in our series of videos.

Friends and I have started frequenting Qianhai lake to go boating.  Hardy and I had started the trend by going almost every day for two weeks just to take a break from the city, play cards, and listen to music.  It eventually turned into at least 5 people at a time.  And usually a dog or two.

We started filming this episode because we love to boat and Hardy was actually going to take on some swimming in the lake.  Few have attempted but luckily Hardy (and Rocky) survived.  The people that gave us massages on the side of the lake are there every day that I have gone and usually just wander around the lake offering massages.  They usually cost about 10 RMB for 10 minutes.  They are openly very chatty and have built themselves a close knit community out there.  Something that didn’t make it into the video that I loved was when I had asked the woman why she thought the lake was clean, and she said “是活着的” (“It’s alive”).

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