It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted and there is so much to catch up on!  Just to spare everyone lengthy posts I’m going to write a summary in bulletpoints, my most preferred way of writing (and speaking for that matter):

-Trip to Italy has been postponed until the spring for more time to plan and hopefully being accompanied by a friend

-April was my last month as a full time employee of Black Sesame Kitchen!  It was an amazing 4 years and I will miss it dearly, but I’m sure I will be helping out part time in the future.  It was a great time and I wish everyone there the best.  I will especially miss my chefs Teacher Wang and Chef Zhang, that I had the pleasure of seeing almost everyday.  They made me smile, taught me cooking and life, kept me grounded, and were patient with me during my learning process for cooking and language.  

-Chef Zhang, Wang Kai, Kin, and I competed in France Chef China earlier this year and won against a Michelin star chef,  Jerome Brochot (by default).  It was really fun and got to take the French team to hot pot dinner later that night.  They probably didn’t feel great the next day but I’m sure it was a new experience for them.  Despite the language barrier we cooked, ate, and had a merry time.  Click here for the full episode that I still haven’t seen all the way through.

-My third year of running BALLS (Beijing All-star Little League Superstar) bowling league was a great success!  Hardy made some sexy excel sheets to keep the scoring together and I honestly don’t remember who won.  Probably my team.  Got an awesome bowling ball from everyone, thanks!

-My fifth year of running RIDIC kickball annual tournament went off surprisingly without a hitch.  No crying (by me at least), only one person to the hospital, but I still saw them out later that night so they didn’t get hurt too bad.  We played at Chaoyang Sports Complex 潮阳体育中心 in the soccer complex in the back.  Despite all of the tomfoolery and beer at the event, they still loved us at the end of the day, which is rare.  Thanks Kevin for helping out so much.  CBD Bloodz won for their second year in a row.

-Ran the Beijing Craft Beer Festival alongside Great Leap Brewery.  It was really great to work with Great Leap Brewing again after the chili festival earlier in the year.  We had an amazing turn out, 8 breweries and over 10 homebrewers.  The bouncy castle hired by Liu Fang and Carl provided lots of giggles and entertainment for the afternoon.  Kin Hong turned out some great food, especially the pulled pork fries.  Unfortunately, I had to leave early to DJ a wedding. For photos by Liz Phung check out this flickr page.

-DJ Loretta Fu now officially does weddings.

-I went to Las Vegas for about 3 weeks this summer with my mother, seeing as it is my new home in the United States.   It was wonderful to spend time with my mother and got to get in a lot of good eating, such as tacos and burgers (typical expat craving food).  I went back to get my motorcycle license.  I took classes at  Cycle School.   The teacher was supportive and friendly.  The sit down portion of class basically consisted of reading through the safety manual together and following along with the video.  The outdoor training was great fun and 3 days later motorcycle certificate in hand!  This place gives discounts to veterans.

-We started a one time band called Sunny Side Ups.  Doo-wop and 20s inspired.  We were just having a lot of fun with this one.  I’ve always wanted to sing in a band and we all have a passion for music.  Thankfully 4corners let us play one night.

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