Erin got an email from some international students that are studying dance and gymnastics at an acrobatics university in southern Beijing.  She called on Jun, Doc, and I to accompany her and help prepare a Camodian meal for the Cambodian students there.  Jun did most all the prep and cooking but the students got to get their hands a little dirty, seeing as they were flocking around Jun when he was cooking. They were unbelievably welcoming when we got there and it was great fun to see everyone having a great time.  Jun prepared some Cambodian classics that I cannot remember the name of, but the kids there insisted that it smelled exactly like home.  Most of the students were at the university for 2 years straight after being recruited at a young age. We all enjoyed the meal together and Doc got most of it on film!  We even got an acrobatics show at the end.  


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